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Can I sell on DoBargo?

Of course! If you are a retailer - we offer you a simple and clear rules for cooperation, without the complexities of existing on other websites.

Just create an account on the portal, submit your store application through the appropriate link, and after it's approved, start selling!

Create your story with us!


What criteria do I have to fulfill in order to sell on DoBargo?

Give us your correct address and valid account number for billing. Also, we recommend you to have a Paypal account - the quickest payment method between the seller and the customer.


Who can become a seller?

The seller can be anyone - and a company and a private person.


How can I register as a seller?

1. Register an account in our portal

2. Enter the customer panel at the top of the page

3. Click 'I want to open the store'

4. Fill out the form, together with sending us photos of your flagship products. Remember that the photos should be of good quality.

5. Expect an email confirming the store's creation - our administrators will try to get to your request as soon as possible. If everything in your application is correct, your store will be approved and you will be able to start selling!

6. If problems arise, the administrator will contact you to explain them.


What is the sales region and billing currency?

The sales territory is the primary region where you want to sell your products. Customers entering DoBargo first see items sold in their region, and only after selecting other regions from the 'Country of Manufacture' list will see items from other regions.

Billing currency is the currency in which you want to have your invoices issued (PLN, Euro, GBP, USD)


What products can I sell at DoBargo?

You can sell any product that matches our boutique categories. So it will not be electronics or auto parts but rather clothes, jewelry, sporting goods, home decorations and materials for creating handmade items.

If you would like to put a product into a category we do not have, and you think it would fit into the overall image of DoBargo, let us know! Our admins will try to get back to you and create a category as soon as possible.


Category 'Unique' - who can add products to this category?

Are you a creator of unique items - hand-sewed dresses, hand-woven bracelets, beautiful woven garlands, etc.? We invite you to add products to the category 'Unique'. This is a category created specifically for handcrafted items, so that small creators are not lost in the rush of products created by larger manufacturers. This category will be under special custody admins.

If you have spotted a wrong product in this category, please let us know and we will move it to the correct category and we will inform the seller.

Are you a manufacturer? We invite you to display products on our portal in every category except the 'Unique' category.


Which countries can I sell to?

You can sell to any country - you will set a domestic price list, abroad within the EU and outside the EU.

If you do not want to ship to countries outside the European Union, do not fill in the shipping details.


What is a DoBargo store?

Your shop is a place where you can add and show products you offer. These products will also be visible in a corresponding category on DoBargo site.

In your store you can also describe yourself and your business, or add a link to your social media pages (such as twitter or instagram) to make it easier for you to reach your target customers.


How to create your own product offer?

Before you start adding products, fill out the shipping profile, order fulfillment times, your store settings (terms and conditions, bank transfer details, etc.) and billing information. If you do not complete them, your products will not be activated and will remain in sketches.

Once you have opened your store and completed all the required forms, go to the Shop and products tab, to the products section.

On the right side, click on 'add product'.

Select the appropriate category and subcategory

Enter Title and Description

Enter Tags (keywords). Separate them with commas

Enter your product price. You do not have to calculate DoBargos commissions - on the right you will see the final price with the commission counted automatically.

Enter how many products you have available

Select the unit of measure in which you sell the product: pieces, pairs, meters, etc. If there is no unit you need, write to us, we will add it.

Assign the appropriate shipping profile

Assign the appropriate order fulfillment time profile.

Choose the colors that best fit your product - it makes it easier for your customers to find exactly what they want.

Add photos of the product that will best show it. You can add up to 5 photos (add more pictures at once, select all at once in the folder view (eg by pressing and holding CTRL).) Otherwise you need to save the product, re-edit and add another image.

Click 'Publish' if you want to publish your product immediately. Pressing 'Save' will save it in sketches that you can edit and publish at any time, but they are not visible to buyers.


What payment methods can I accept?

You have three payment options to choose from.

  • PayPal - fast and easy internet transfers. You only need to have an established PayPal account
  • Bank transfer - normal transfer between the buyer's bank and your bank. Please note that domestic payments are usually made in one business day, while foreign payments can be made up to a few days.
  • Cash on delivery - payment where the customer pays for the shipment only at the time of actually getting the package


How to add information about delivery costs and shipping costs of other products?

You will find the delivery costs in the Stores and products tab under 'Shipment profile'.

You can fill out three different shipping costs - the cost of domestig shipping, shipping within the EU and outside the EU. In addition, you can specify how much it will cost to ship each additional item in the order (for example, if your customer orders 3 shirts from you, and you send them in one package). Use 'Cost of shipping this product with other products'field for that purpose.

You can also set free shipping by clicking on 'Set free-of-charge shipping above ...'. There you can set the sum of the order from which you want to offer free delivery.


What is the order processing time?

Order processing time is the time it will take you to prepare your product for shipping (eg print the design on shirt, sewing time for a dress, poster print time)

It will appear on the product page, under the 'Add to your cart' button.

You will fill it in the Shop and Products tab under 'order processing time'.


Where can I see and edit my products?

All your products can be found in the Shop and products tab, under products. You will see all active and inactive products and product sketches.

You can edit them, add similar (click the 'add similar' button - it will duplicate all the information to the new product), promote, deactivate (it will move to inactive tab) and delete it.

You also see a photo, name, price (and promotional price if it's set), stock status, and the number of days left for the item.


Where can I find orders placed in my store?

All orders can be found in the Shop and products tab under 'orders in my shop'. In the list view you will see the order number, order date, buyer name, order amount, status and available actions.

By going into the details of your order, you will see the details of the products you have sold, including photos, pricing, payment method, shipping method chosen by the client etc.

There is also a place for to put in the shipping company and shipping number. We always recommend you complete this point. Thanks to this, you and the customer are able to track the shipment. Also if ther are problems with the order, admin is able to quickly check it.


I want to promote a product - how to do it?

You have three possibilities to promote your product. Prices are in the price list.

  • Banner on the home page. You have to design this banner yourself.
  • Promote product on the home page
  • Promote product in individual categories (the top products in the category are promoted)

Advertising banner you can order by filling in the form in the Advertising tab.

Click 'add an advertising banner', fill in the date from which you want to start advertising, the date you want the ad to stop. Load the prepared banner file (preferably 1140 px x 289 px) and select and paste the URL from your DoBargo store to which you want to target the ad.

To promote a product, go to the Shop and products tab, and go to 'products'. Click on the button to promote the product (blue button with the tag icon). Then fill out the form - the date from which you want to start promoting and end the promotion. Also select the type of ad. You have two choices - either promoting on the main page of the portal or on the main page of the category in which the item is placed.


I want to set a promotional discount in my store or product - how do I do it?

You can set discounts on your whole product assortment in the Shop and products tab, in the 'defining discounts' tag. You can choose a percentage discount that will be given to all products in your store.

If you want to set a promotion for one selected product - you must fill in the 'promotional price' field while editing a product.

Discounted items will have a special stamp in the upper right corner of the photo. They will also appear in the 'Sales' tab on the category pages.


What if the customer does not pay for the order or if they return the product?

First of all, contact them (preferably through DoBargo messages).

If it does not work, you can apply for a commission refund. To do this, go to Commission Refund tab. Select the appropriate order. You can choose either partial refund for selected items (if the customer returned part of the order) or full commission refund for all items (it will cancel the order).

Then submit a refund request.

If the admin approves your request (in some cases they may, for example, contact a customer or review conversations between you and the customer), you will have your commission returned on the next billing period.

How much will I pay for using DoBargo?

Setting up an account and the store itself is free. When setting up products, the first 10 is free. After that there will be a small fee to add each product.

After successful sale, a commission will be charged.

All prices are listed in the price list available here: LINK

How can I pay the fees?

You will pay with a bank transfer to the DoBargo bank account shown on the invoice. You will receive the invoice for the previous month at the beginning of the next billing period.


Seller profile description:

My profile:

My data: basic data - name, avatar and additional optional information

Address data: Your address, which will be given to sellers during the purchase

Change your email address: Change the email address you provided during registration. After you enter a new address and click 'save', a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you specified with the link to activate the new address

Change your password: Type and confirm your new password

About me: - About me - describe your company

- Website - Are you running a blog or website? Enter it here

- facebook page - your private or corporate Facebook address

- Instagram page- - Your private or corporate Instagram address

- Twitter page - Your private or business Twitter address


Send and receive messages from other customers and sellers on DoBargo.


Leave a comment for the products you have bought, see all your posted and received comments

Shop and products:

Orders in my shop: All orders placed in your store

Products: Here you can see all the displayed products - active, inactive and sketches. You can also add new products here with the 'add product' button.

Shipment profiles: Here you will add a price list to your country, the EU and outside the EU. You can also set free shipping here.

Order processing time: You add how long it will take to complete and send the order after the customer bought something in your shop.

Defining discounts: Add one general percentage discount to all your products. These products will display a special discount sign, and will enter the 'Sales' subcategory

My shop settings: Shows your chosen region and currency. You can also set up information for buyers visible on the main page of your shop, the information included with purchase confirmation email send when someone bought your products. You can also fill in your store rules, conditions of returns and cancellations, company data for DoBargo settlements, address for possible returns. You will also add payment methods (bank account, Paypal, cash-on-delivery) and set your vacation.


See your favorite products and sellers

My shopping:

All orders placed by you

Fees and VAT invoice:

Settlements: Monthly invoices for your DoBargo billing

Billing data: Your invoice data between you and Dobargo. Your name, address, tax ID


Commission refund:

If the transaction between you and the customer did not come to fruition (eg the customer has not paid for the goods) you can apply for a refund of the commission. Once reviewed by the administrators, the commission return will be setlled on your next settlement.


You can buy a, advertising banner here that will appear on the home page. You can also promote individual products in the Shop and products tab, under products.

My shop preview:

You will go to the main page of your DoBargo store

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