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From whom do I buy?

DoBargo is a portal which brings together many different retailers offering goods in many categories - something like the digital shopping mall or market. When you buy a product, you buy it from a particular seller who is selling on DoBargo.


How to buy a product on DoBargo?

Find the product you are looking for, check shipping costs and any other information you need, and add product to your shopping cart.
Then go to the shopping cart where you will see your order. Check it, enter any notes for the seller and go to the next page.
On the second page of the basket you will fill in the shipping address and select the payment method.
Available methods of payment on DoBargo are Paypal payments, bank transfer and if the seller is offering it: cash on delivery or payment after a self-pickup.
In the third step of the shopping cart, you'll see a summary of your order - make sure all the details are correct.
After that, you can safely place an order by pressing 'I am placing an order with a payment obligation'
Next, make the payment with the chosen method. The seller will receive it: in a minute when paying with Paypal, the next day for domestic bank transfers and up to a few days for foreign bank transfers.
You can return to the first page of the shopping cart at any time by pressing 'return to cart'.


What happens when I place an order?

Seller receives information that an order was placed. He will be waiting for payment, and, after receiving it, he will send the order in the time he specified. You can see the processing time for each product on the product card, under the 'Add to your cart' button - it will be the Order processing time.


How can I pay?

You can pay by Paypal payments, bank transfer or if the seller offers this functionality, by cash on delivery or after a personal pick-up.


When should I pay for my order?

Pay your order as soon as possible. The sooner you pay, the faster the seller receives payment and begins working on your order.
Remember that domestic bank transfers appear on sellers account the next day, and foreign bank transfers even after a few days.


What should I know about shipping costs?

The shipping cost is determined by the seller himself. You can see it in the delivery and payment tab on the product you are interested in.


Can I have more than one shipping address?

No, you can only have one address. You can edit it at any time. If you want to send an order to another address when ordering in the second step of the shopping cart, you can freely edit the address by clicking on 'edit address'


What will shipping cost be if I order more products from one seller?

Each seller sets what fee is charged for each additional item.
You can see it in the product page on the Delivery and payment tab, right next to the cost of shipping (there will be written 'for every additional product + x'). If there is no such annotation, it means that the shipment of additional products is free.


How can I contact the seller?

You can do this in three ways:

  • On the product page press 'send a message to the seller'
  • On the merchant profile, press the envelope icon
  • Go to your profile, in the Mail tab. You can send a message to the seller via DoBargo portal. There you will also find your previously send messages.


Should I leave feedback for the transaction?

Yes, thanks to that the seller will know that the goods arrived to you and how satisfied you are with them. This will also inform other buyers about the seller.

What should I do if I have not received my order or the goods do not meet my expectations?

If you didn't receive your order, first check to see if your payment has been successful. Maybe the seller didn't receive the payment and that's why it's still not shipped.
After that contact the seller. Do that also if the products don't meet your expectations. We are confident that you will be able to reach an agreement. However, if you can't reach an agreement with the seller, please email us at We will contact the seller and we will try to resolve the problem.


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