Is DoBargo a regular online store?

No, DoBargo portal brings together many sellers from various, different fields.

How to create a DoBargo account?

Click 'Set up an account' at the top of the page.

Fill out all the information you need and click 'Set up an account'.

You will receive an email confirming the establishment of the account - click on it and you're ready! You can start buying!

Do I need an account to buy something?

Yes, you must have an account to place an order with our sellers.

How to sell on DoBargo?

Please go here for the various questions you may have before you start selling on DoBargo.

How to buy on DoBargo?

You can find answers to all your buying questions on the DoBargo portal here:

What is 'UNIQUE' category?

This is a special category where you will only find handmade items made by artists.

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